Zhejiang Die & Mould Industry Federation Set Up A Successful Meeting

Zhejiang Die & Mould Industry Federation Set Up A Successful Meeting

Apr 25, 2017

015-year November 4 9 o'clock in the morning, Zhejiang Mould Industry Federation set up a General Assembly and first member meeting in Huangyan. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary-General of the Huangyan Mould Association Zhang Jiamin, attended by more than 200 thousand people. Anhui Mold Industry association president Chen Yingzhi, Secretary-General Zan Xiangming, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Ping attended the meeting, congratulations.

At the meeting, by the Deputy Secretary of the District, the district of Huangyan Li Changtong, China Mold Industry association president Cao Chunhua, Shanghai Mold Industry association secretary General Liu DEPU representative of the local mould association, and by the preparatory work leading group deputy leader Han Changmao for the preparation of the report, Yu Weibing make a description of the statute.

The meeting considered through the "Zhejiang Die and Mould Industry Association Constitution (proposal)", "Zhejiang mould Industry Federation Collection Standard (proposal)", elected to the First Council.

The meeting announced the list of the President of the First Council, Vice-Chairman and Under-Secretary-General, honorary President and consultant, and invited the newly elected president to make a statement. China Mould Industry Association executive vice President and Secretary-General, the provincial chairman of the leadership subsequently issued a speech.

Zhejiang Mold Industry Federation was established, will lead the provincial mold Tongren, in the mold industry to adjust the industrial structure, change the way of development, promote industrial upgrading to make greater achievements.