To lead the development of domestic mould with intelligent

To lead the development of domestic mould with intelligent

Apr 25, 2017

With the continuous growth of China's economy, China's mold industry with a huge annual import and export total is known as the global mold manufacturing power. China's imports of nearly 1 billion dollars each year, including precision, large, complex, long-life molds accounted for the majority, with the country's support for independent products, will gradually reduce imports, thereby giving domestic brands a new development opportunities.

With the continuous development of the mould industry in China, the demand and requirements of mould products are gradually improving. The domestic market to the high-grade mold demand for more and more large, home appliances, automobiles, plastic products industry development of the tooling requirements for the higher requirements, so as the tool industry in China to provide a broad market space. The total import and export of mold in China is in the number of growth trends, but in fact exports of the mold mainly in low-end products, in the world market, the right of discourse is not small. These problems restrict the sustainable development of mould industry, which has become a stumbling block on the road of mould industry development.

For two years, many mould enterprises recognize their own problems, are actively looking for a good solution, such as intensive management, and constantly improve the management level, improve the overall efficiency of administration, rationalize the departmental structure, improve the professional quality of staff, but in general, these enterprises still have many problems. In the future, the proportion of high-efficiency NC machine tool in our factory will increase annually, and the demand of advanced cutter will increase rapidly. China's tool industry must change the concept, vigorously develop high-efficiency advanced tool production, pay attention to sales at the same time, more attention to after-sales service, and strive for innovation to occupy more market share. Domestic molds must be in quality, delivery time to meet the needs of users. Relevant enterprises should actively transform their business model, use modern network, accelerate technological innovation, broaden sales channels, tap the potential of enterprises, and actively explore the domestic and international markets.