The Market Pattern Of Stamping Dies Still Needs To Be Adjusted And Optimized

The Market Pattern Of Stamping Dies Still Needs To Be Adjusted And Optimized

Apr 25, 2017

In recent years, China's stamping die level has been greatly improved. Large stamping die has been able to produce a single set of weighing up to more than more than 50 tons of molds. and has been able to produce a matching of the mid-range car panels die. Stamping dies in the domestic industry is constantly chasing the world's advanced level, and constantly shrinking the technology gap with developed countries, a number of domestic precision stamping die in the main performance has been able to compare with imports. But, China's export stamping die most of the low-tech products, so the high technology content of the high-end mold market satisfaction rate is lower than the overall rate of stamping die, these molds have lagged behind the development of stamping parts production, and in some low-grade simple die, has become oversupply, market competition is fierce.

Stamping die is a high-quality, efficient production tools. The production efficiency of stamping process is high, and the operation is easy to realize mechanization and automatization. Therefore, stamping dies also play an important role in manufacturing. As a major manufacturing country, stamping mould market has been expanding, with good development potential.

With the rapid development of the national economy, the market demand for molds is increasing. In recent years, mold industry has been about 15%% of the growth rate of rapid development. Among them, the overall level of stamping die industry significantly improved, not only to achieve import substitution, but also a considerable part of the production of exports to the United States, Japan and other industrialized countries and regions.