Something About Thin Wall High Speed Injection Mould

Something About Thin Wall High Speed Injection Mould

Oct 31, 2017

Something about Thin wall high speed injection mould

High speed injection thinwall mould technical points:

1. special design for interlock system of thinwall injection moulds. --- If same design as normal mould for interlock system easy cause eccentricity problem;

2. injection system design and special cooling system. --- As work very fast, then must designed cooling enough & fast water system;
3. high precision machining process. --- That can in order to make sure everywhere process even;
4. correct selection to the steel for different components in mould. --- some parts need arrange hardness treatment, but some parts need take with good tenacity;
5. special air venting system for the thinwall mould --- as fill material very fast, if air venting design no good, easy cause boiling problem;
6. high speed injection system for the thinwall moulds. --- on normal fix for high speed injection machine instead of normal machine.
7. in mould labeling design on the mould if needed.

8. both side wear plate designed for thin wall mould in order to easy exchange.