Plastic Tubing Industry Accelerated Running Policy To Enlarge The Demand Of Force

Plastic Tubing Industry Accelerated Running Policy To Enlarge The Demand Of Force

Apr 25, 2017

With the development of national economy, the application field of plastic pipes is also expanding. It is learnt that as an important branch of chemical building materials, plastic pipes are widely used in drainage, gas, water supply, heating, agricultural, power communication, fire and other fields, to the industrial economy pulling a key role.

Data show that the domestic plastics pipe industry development is accelerating. At present, large-scale plastic pipe production enterprises have more than 3,000, annual production capacity of about 15 million tons. One annual output of more than 10,000 tons of enterprises up to 300, with more than 20 million annual output can exceed 100,000 tons.

In this respect, the industry pointed out that the plastic pipe industry has entered the development lane. Especially in the field of engineering projects, plastic pipes have become the key areas of competition among enterprises. Some engineering enterprises in order to enhance their competitiveness, and constantly strengthen the technical research and development of plastic pipes and scale expansion, in order to form the product production barriers, leading and occupy the market leading position.

In addition, with the strong support of relevant national policies, plastic tubing industry will undoubtedly benefit a lot. Data show that the country will invest 400 billion in support of water conservancy construction. Coupled with the construction of rural drinking water safety system and gas supply system and heating consumption trend, it will greatly stimulate the consumption demand of plastic pipes, thus stimulating the rapid development of the whole industry.