Moulds And Molds In Various Regions Of China

Moulds And Molds In Various Regions Of China

Apr 25, 2017

1 Mould industry in Japan

At present, Japan's mold manufacturing technology is still in the world's leading position. According to the Japanese Miti industrial statistics, Japan total mold production factory about 10,000, of which 20 people accounted for more than 91%%, namely, the Japanese mold industry mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly by specialization, the completion of high-quality mold design, processing. Because of the specialization of Japan, the overall manufacturing level of small and medium mould enterprises is high, making the mould of "Japanese made" become a brand, high quality symbol. In recent years, the Japanese plastic mold, powder metallurgy mold, die casting mold growth, stamping die and forging die relatively reduced trend.

2 American mould Industry

More than 90%% of small businesses with fewer than 50 people. Because of the high development of industrialization, the American mould industry has become a mature high-tech industry, in the forefront of the world. The United States Die steel has achieved standardized production supply, mold design and manufacture of universal application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology, processing technology, inspection and testing supporting advanced equipment, large-scale, complex, sophisticated, long life, high-performance molds to achieve the development of leading level

2. Overall situation of mould industry in China

Since 1997, the country has successively incorporated molds and its processing technology and equipment in the catalogue of industries, products and technologies that are currently focused on encouraging development in the country and the catalogue of encouraging foreign investment industries, and some key professional mold factory to implement value-added tax rebate policy; 1999 the country also put the mould technology and products on the State Planning Department and the Ministry of Science and Technology issued by the current national priority development of the high-tech industrialization key areas Guide (directory). All these measures have contributed to the rapid development of mould industry in China.