Mould Industry Relies On Market Forces To Transform And Upgrade

Mould Industry Relies On Market Forces To Transform And Upgrade

Apr 25, 2017

Mould industry not only changes in the market environment, the policy environment of industrial development has also changed: The government has been more accustomed to stimulating the economy in the past, and it is now relying on comprehensive deepening reform to seek new impetus for economic development. The transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the past is more accustomed to the use of administrative means to promote, and now more is relying on the power of the market.

After years of development and technology accumulation, China's mold industry has made a great breakthrough. According to nine building materials network understanding, in the process of mold industry development, China's market has been insisting on innovation and development, strengthen the technical exchanges between the developed countries, greatly enhance the strength of our mold industry in the market competitiveness of our enterprises. According to the International Model Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui Estimate, to 2015 our country mould industry gross output value will exceed 2 trillion yuan.

Although the domestic mould export has been increasing in recent years, the international competitiveness level has also improved. But most concentrated in the middle and low field, the technology of mold is lower, the value of low, some high-precision molds also rely on imports, so the domestic mold manufacturing in various fields to strengthen integration.

Throughout the development process, related industries and enterprises need to long-term perspective, dive into the mind, pay close attention to new technology and technology, the research, gradually formed a division of labor, there is collaboration, many areas, a full range of research and development pattern, the introduction of independent intellectual property rights of mold products. Now China's mold industry through the introduction of foreign investment, absorbing foreign mold manufacturing advanced experience, advanced technology and high-level talent, China's mold design and manufacturing level has been greatly improved.