Brief Analysis And Development Suggestion Of Plastic Mould Industry

Brief Analysis And Development Suggestion Of Plastic Mould Industry

Apr 25, 2017

With the progress of processing technology and production equipment, plastic materials for the production of raw materials, through hollow molding process of different production and processing of thermoplastic/thermosetting plastic products in the production of different occasions of the application of more and more widespread, light industry machinery, agriculture and forestry transportation in different industries, plastic products have been widely used.

However, as plastic products belong to polymer, how to deal with discarded plastic products becomes a scratching problem. Simple landfill treatment, plastic products are difficult to decompose, but also pollute the soil environment. If incineration is carried out, the auxiliary materials added in the plastic production process can produce toxic and harmful gases and pollute the air environment.

It is understood that the emergence and development of recycled plastics industry is expected to make the plastic product pollution problem solved. In recent years, people pay more attention to the quality of living environment, the public awareness of environmental protection is increasing, and the price of crude oil rises, to promote the price of plastic raw materials, clean and environmentally friendly recycling plastics industry has been a good opportunity for development, industry experts, through the technical innovation of products and industrial restructuring, China's renewable plastics industry has made great progress, is towards high-quality, multi-species, high-tech direction development.

Although China's renewable plastics industry is promising, but in the actual development process, still face many problems. On the one hand, due to the wider source of recycled plastics, the quality of the uneven performance difference between batches, resulting in a relatively low quality of recycled plastics stability; On the other hand, recycled plastics need higher cost, and their price is higher than the original plastic price. In addition, from the current recycling plastics industry overall situation, domestic waste plastics recycling enterprises are still mainly SMEs, industry concentration is more scattered. As the recycling of waste plastics is a complex process, the requirements for technology are also relatively high. The recycling plastics industry in China is still dominated by physical recycling, and undoubtedly hinders the development process of the whole industry to some extent.