About Mold Design

About Mold Design

Apr 21, 2018

OSKAI MOULD is completely equipped to develop your product from concept to model, from prototype to final production tool. We welcome the opportunity to design the optimum part for performance, economically cost, and moldability.

There are 16 experienced and skilled engineers in our Engineering Department.We can accept any technical files which adapt the following top popular technical design softwares: AutoCAD, Pro-E, UG, 3D Max, Moldflow, Solidworks.


Equiping with the most advanced softwares and many professional mould design talents greatly improve the design ability of Vulcan. Now, Vulcan can design all kinds of plastic molds and injection molding parts in a short time.


Crate mold


baby dinner chair part mold


2 time doff system design cap mold


aluminum leg chair mold

These drawings are all designed with NX8.0 by our mold designers. They are very skilled at designing all kinds of plastic molds and injection molded parts with all these six professional mold design softwares. Usually, they can design a plastic mold for a clients in one hour. Just for their efforts, Vulcan can get more and more orders. We are really expecting to have a cooperation with you.