The total mould production in China has ranked third in the world

The total mould production in China has ranked third in the world

Apr 25, 2017

The development of mould industry in China has received more and more attention and attention, in the electronic, automotive, Electric, electrical, instrumentation, appliances and communications products, 60%~80% parts are relying on mold molding. It is understood that in recent years accompanied by manufacturing production base to accelerate the transfer of China, the rapid upgrading of China's manufacturing industry has led to the accelerated development of mold industries.

Although the total mold production in China is ranked third in the world, but the design and manufacturing level in the overall derby, the United States and other countries lag many, and in the international market competition, China's mold industry because of the lack of independent brands and lead to the overall competitiveness is not strong, very unfavorable to China's mold enterprises in the global economic market development. Industry insiders pointed out that to improve the competitiveness of China's mold manufacturing enterprises, building the mold industry in China to become the mold industry's own brand is currently facing the main problems.

According to incomplete statistics, at present Guangdong Province has more than more than 2000 machinery and hardware mold sales and service agencies, but with independent brands of enterprises but only two or three. Industry insiders point out that because of the lack of own brand, at present, each employee in the country average annual production value of the mold about 10,000 billion US dollars, and the mold industry developed countries are mostly 150,000 ~20 million dollars, some even reached 250,000 ~30 million dollars. Overall, most of the domestic mold manufacturing enterprises weak development capacity, no brand, resulting in poor economic efficiency, in the market is often passive.