How to make good helmet mould

How to make good helmet mould

Oct 19, 2017

We are the one of the mould maker in Taizhou, we already made a lot of helmet moulds, there are some idea share with you, tks!

The important issues for one perfect helmet mould

  1. For the product, Strongness is very important. We will  test in 4 parts ---  Visual field Tests, stability tests, drawstring tests,impact tests.

So it request the thickness in the top area will be very equal, and make the part very strong, and usally the helmet material is ABS material. It can bear very strong impact.

For full face helmet mould inside sliders designed very very important, if with wrong angle whole mould can't work prefect in the furture, we have enough experience on this area. 

Regarding the helmet moulds, for good visual surface, we sugest choose cold runner moulds, big gate is good choose.

For faster cycle for the mould, our engineer designed the helmet molds with very good colling water and advice connect each cooling line sperate will be best.

We have video shown helmet mould test, if you are interested in this type of mould, welcome you visit us & connect with us by mail or calling. tks!