How to deal with abnormal mould?

How to deal with abnormal mould?

Apr 25, 2017

Prevention and emergency treatment of abnormal mould in operation

The operation of the mold is divided into the following three kinds: horizontal semi-automatic (manual) machine, horizontal automatic (manipulator) machine platform, vertical semi-automatic machine

Horizontal semi-automatic machine: the operator must be in the mould ejector pin top out the product along the ejector direction, the product will take out, when the product stick mold or find the thimble can not loose, to the first time to inform the technician for abnormal handling.

Horizontal automatic machine: horizontal automatic machine in the process of operation if the product in the occurrence of the alarm, the technician should immediately confirm the reasons for the abnormal machine, excluding abnormal methods, such as the die of abnormal, should immediately sign the mold maintenance record sheet to notify the Department of Mold personnel processing.

Vertical semi-automatic machine: operator in the operation process, must ensure that the terminal classes in place, such as the mold has to ensure that the class must be taken out of the mold to start the mould, when the product is not in place or die forming a bad terminal situation, must notify the technician to troubleshoot, by the technician open the mold repair record sheet, die repair.

Mold Emergency Repair Marking

When the product quality anomaly establishes the inability to fine-tune the field process parameters (guaranteed conditions within the base tolerance range), and the mold order is urgent, by the Manufacturing department molding Vice-rationale in the Mold maintenance record sheet stamping the dispatch chapter, to do the urgent processing of identification, and signature; Confirm the validity of the dispatch chapter.

Visual management of abnormal contact and present situation of mould

The job site must announce the mold abnormal first contact person; mould abnormal second contact person;

Mould abnormal third contact person's name and contact way! Current Announcement way: Compile the Mould project processing contact list, paste in the workshop, mould abnormity, to ensure that abnormal personnel can promptly contact the relevant personnel, the problem can be handled promptly.