Finishing process of mould manufacturing

Finishing process of mould manufacturing

Apr 25, 2017

1. Parts Heat Treatment

Parts of the heat treatment process, in order to obtain the requirements of the hardness of the part, but also need to control internal stress, to ensure that the dimensional stability of parts processing, different materials have different processing methods. With the development of mould industry in recent years, the use of materials has increased, in addition to Cr12, 40Cr, Cr12MoV, cemented carbide, the strength of some work, harsh convex, concave die, can choose new materials powder alloy steel, such as V10, ASP23, such materials have high thermal stability and good organizational status.

2. Parts Grinding Process

There are three main types of machine tools used in grinding process: surface grinder, internal and external circular grinder and tool abrasives. The production of grinding deformation and grinding cracks should be strictly controlled when finishing grinding, even tiny cracks are revealed in subsequent machining. Therefore, the fine grinding of the knife to be small, not large, the cooling fluid to be full, dimensional tolerances within 0.01mm parts to try to be constant temperature grinding. By calculation, 300mm long steel pieces, temperature difference 3 ℃, the material has 10.8 μ m and around the change, 10.8=1.2x3x3 (per 100mm deformation of 1.2 μ m/℃), each finishing process need to fully consider the impact of this factor.