design need take care areas

design need take care areas

Aug 23, 2018

Maximum wall thickness

  • Decrease the maximum wall thickness of a part to shorten the cycle time (injection time and cooling time specifically) and reduce the part volume

  • Uniform wall thickness will ensure uniform cooling and reduce defects


  • Round corners to reduce stress concentrations and fracture

  • Inner radius should be at least the thickness of the walls


  • Apply a draft angle of 1° - 2° to all walls parallel to the parting direction to facilitate removing the part from the mold.


  • Add ribs for structural support, rather than increasing the wall thickness

  • Orient ribs perpendicular to the axis about which bending may occur

  • Thickness of ribs should be 50-60% of the walls to which they are attached

  • Height of ribs should be less than three times the wall thickness

  • Round the corners at the point of attachment

  • Apply a draft angle of at least 0.25°