ABS Smart Motorbike Full Face Helmet Spare Parts Moulds

ABS Smart Motorbike Full Face Helmet Spare Parts Moulds


OSKAI mould factory made so many different design ABS smart motorbike full face helmet spare parts moulds, welcome your visit to know more about us. tks!

Oskai mould factory designed full face helmet mould work semi-automatic system, take move by oil cylinders and machine eject system.

The other spare parts moulds, some of them can be arrange into together as family mould design, on normal 1 complet full face helmet will design by 6-8 sets different moulds. Also that will depend on client's machine and demands.

Now we are talking about full face helmet mould only

Here is one set of full face helmet mold made by OSKAI mould, here is details table shown at frist

Mould ItemFull face helmet shell mold
Mould SteelP20 forging, C50Can choose other better steel
Mould CavitySingle cavityEnough
Mould hardness TreatmentArrange hardness treatment for core, cavity and sliders to HRC32 degreeDifferent steel will take with different hardness treatment way
Mould T1 time55 days count date after confrimed mold design onlyOn normal within 2 months
Mould advice machine480Ton Bigger should be better
Mould surface treatmentFly cutting Can be arrange printing
Mould PackingBy tri-ply wood casescan choose original wood if needed

Here are some photos shown for this helmet mould cavity plate, at final arranged texture for outside surface depend on demands, can be arange polish only if meet market demands


Helmet mould full cavity


Helmet mould cavity details

Here are some photos shown for this helmet sheel mold core plate, on both big sliders also arrange same texture as cavity plate, inside designed 3 sets inner floating roofs, also designed wear plate in order to make sure longer time no problem.



Helmet sheel mold full core


Helmet sheel mold core details

OSKAI mould will connect all oil pipe together on one manifold block, then can work on normal dispose injection machine. here is photo shown it. 



Here is sample photo shown

Oskai mould factory always will send complete 2-3 pcs samples to client for double check, on normal 2 times will be for free. If need more, we can discuss together at begining or when sending the sample. everything can be discuss while we are making your project.

1 Complete helmet on normal will include 14-20 different parts, that depend on exact design, but oskai mouldwill offer free design for you if you needed, meantime, oskai mould always can provide some idea for fix and design. but all of the final choose will decide by client only.

 If wanna know more about this type of injection moulds, or wanna know more about oskai mould, pls feel free contact with us, we will do our best for you always. 

About oskai mould plastic injection mould Quality Control 

For the Q/C of mould, there are 3 steps:

  1.Mould Material Q/C

  - Mould Steel Checking(Hardness, flaw detection)

  - Mould Standard Spare Parts Checking(hardness, size, flaw checking)

  2. Mould Making Process Q/C

 - Design checking (part design, mould design, mould engineering drawing)

 - Each part of mould's size checking after machining according to 2D drawing 

 - Mould testing(check mould running condition)

3.Check with customer's requirement again before mould shipping. 

Oskai mould has rich experience on this type of mould, rearlly hope we can do something for you. 

Oskai mould has rich experience on this type of mould, rearlly hope we can do something for you.

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