Plastic PP Material Bread Crate Mould

Plastic PP Material Bread Crate Mould


Plastic PP Material Bread Crate Mould

We are the one of mould maker from Taizhou, main make daily use moulds, welcome your visit then know much more about us. tks!


Sample from our mould

This is sample photo shown from our bread crate mould, each color can be choosed while arranged injection.

It can carry about 20kgs goods there is no problem, that is very strong.

Each bread crate weight about 1200g, different demands can be accepted & made.

Cycle time for this crate mould about 70 sec. as there are so many oil cyclinders movement.


Bread crate mould cavity

This is our brad crate mould cavity photo shown, this mould choose 4 points gate way, full hot runner system, big gate help fill full material very easy & fast.

Bread crate mould cavity we choose P20 forging steel for it, at final arrange hardness treatment to HRC35 degree about, if needed, we can arrange thur. nitrogen treatment or chrom-plate treatment for it.

Locating ring diameter we choose by 250mm, on normal advice fix for 800ton injection machine.


Bread crate mould core

This is photo shown for our bread crate mould core plate, from the photo that we can see total we choosed 5 oil jars for this crate mould, there are 3 of oil cylinders used for slider move & back, the other 2 oil cylinder used for help eject plates back safe enough.

OSKAI Mould choose HASCO standard ejectors for this crate mould, in order to make sure long time use-life.

Oskai mould will arrange all inside cooling system connect outside, we designed sperate mouth on mould foot area help save space & make sure work safe.

If you have any interest in our plastic pp material bread crate mould, welcome to contact our factory for more details. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also welcome the customized orders.This bread crate can be stuck into each other & turn 180 degree can put into each other, that will save space while arrange shipment

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