Plastic Lid Injection Mould For Hand Sample Or Tablet Container

8 Cavities full hot runner system lid mould choose hardness steel, work full automatic by stripper plate system


Plastic container lid Injection Mould 

OSKAI MOULD FACTORY Choose full hot runner system, stripper plate doff system

Mould ITEMContainer Lid mould
Mould SteelH13 for core, cavity and stripper plate
Mold cavity8 cavities, can be design depend on demands
Mold Advice Machine250Ton (500g) normal injection machine
Mould leading time55 Days need for first time samples


-How much cost for this mould?

Some client only ask price without any details demands, then for us, really hard to reply. If need mould offer, we hope that we can got details for the size & design idea. Such as for this mould, US$5000 - US$12000 also reasonable offer. tks!

-How many days needed to make this mould?

As OSKAI mould make this mould choose H13 steel, it is hardness steel, then we say need 55 days, but if choose soft steel, only need 45 days about then enough.

-If can choose cold runner? or can choose YUDO?

Yes, can be, everything can be choosed by exact demands, different demands different price offer only. tks!

-If can fix for robot or not?

Yes, can fix for robot, then stripper plate move distance will be smaller than now, can be better for mould uselife. tks!

-If can choose other plastic material or not?

Yes, OSKAI mould factory will design the mould depend on right plastic material shirnkage, then no matter which type of material that you wanna choose also will be fine. tks!

If need any more information, just pls contact with us, we will send very fast. tks!

If you have any interest in our plastic lid injection mould for hand sample or tablet container, welcome to contact our factory for more details. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also welcome the customized orders.
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